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Best Psychology Project Examples

Use Psychology Project Examples as Writing Guides for Your Own

Psychology project examples as writing guidesPsychology studies may require you to complete a capstone project depending on the particular program you are in. Capstone psychology projects involve academic research related to your topic as well as the completion of a research paper. The capstone project for psychology allows you to demonstrate the skills and knowledge you have acquired by applying it to a real life problem or issue. Capstone papers can be quite extensive, especially those in PhD psychology programs. A psychology research paper may exceed a hundred pages and cite dozens of related sources. Reviewing examples of capstone psychology papers can provide you with a great deal of information on how to write your own. It can also help spark psychology project ideas if you are having difficulty thinking of a research topic.

Capstone Paper Sample Outline

Every capstone paper should be unique. However the structure of the capstone psychology paper and its basic presentation will be essentially the same. The following is an outline of a typical paper that shows what each section should include:

  • Abstract:

The abstract is a brief summary of the entire psychology capstone project.

  • Introduction:

The introduction should include background information, statement of the particular problem the project addresses and your reasons for approaching issue the way you have.

  • Literature review:

As the name implies this section is a review of literature in the field that is relevant to the project topic. The literature review will help show why the problem requires research and why the approach you have chosen is appropriate. It also demonstrates to the reader you are familiar with other work in the topic area. Literature reviews are often the longest section of the paper.

  • Methodology:

This section details all the tools used to conduct your project and is essentially step by step instructions on how you carried out your project. The reader should be able to duplicate your project by reading this section.

  • Results:

Reports the actual results of the project without any analysis.

  • Discussion and conclusions:

Discussion and interpretation of the psychology capstone project results, and what it all means.

  • Bibliography:

A list of all sources used in the project.
Although they are at the beginning of the paper it is a good idea to write the abstract and introduction last. Our company offers academic writing help for psychology capstone projects including sample papers.

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