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You Are What You Write: The Psychology of Handwriting

“Does your handwriting play an important role in your life?” Yes, it does. People believe in the psychology of handwriting as well as how it works and what your handwriting says about you. Some are known to have a bad handwriting since they were a child. The importance of handwriting cannot be underestimated. Check out interesting infographic prepared by psychology capstone writing service experts about phycology of handwriting:

psychology of handwriting

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What Your Handwriting Says about You

As a writer, it is also for other people to not misunderstand a thing you have said especially when you want to spread a word and when you want to be inspirational. That it isn’t just about writing, but behind every penmanship and types of handwriting are different personalities. To determine traits and personalities, through handwriting can be one way. It’s how you write every single word. If you’re a private kind of person, your writing may say a lot more about you than you do. From writing slants to sizes, loops and how you write your letter‘s’. That’s how you determine what type of a person you are. In addition, if you are working on capstone project there is a great list of psychology capstone ideas you can choose from!

The Psychology of Handwriting

Rounded letters: You are creative and artistic
Pointed letters: You are aggressive, intense and curious.
Connected letters: You are logical and you make decisions very carefully.
Round lowercase cursive ‘s’: You are a people pleaser
Pointed lowercase cursive‘s’: You enjoy learning new things. You are inquisitive and ambitious.
Wide towards the bottom: You might not be following your heart.

Facts about Handwriting

  • Schizophrenia and high blood pressure can be seen in writing
  • Words or sentences that is different from the rest of the text is suggested to be a lie
  • Illegible signatures mean a person is private and hard to understand

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Types of Handwriting

  • SpencerianScipt – created by Platt Rogers Spencer
  • Round Hand – George Bickham
  • Copperplate script – Swchuck
  • Palmer Method
  • Zaner Bloser
  • D’Nealian
  • Getty Dubay
  • New American Cursive
  • Handwriting without tears
  • Peterson Handwriting
  • Some famous people with bad handwriting:
  • F. Scott Fitzgerald
  • J.K. Rowling
  • Ernest Hemingway
  • Jane Austen

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